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Hago in the News

This mini golf course was built by Hago in 1950 and it remains the North Shore’s largest course, taking up a full acre of land on busy Route 28 in Stoneham, MA.  Lush and well maintained, it’s got a charming old fashioned simplicity about the obstacles and putting greens. Not too challenging for those folks who pride themselves on a low putt putt handicap, I think this place is just right for a nice night of entertainment before dining at the China Moon."

"You have to love a miniature golf course named Hago Harrington's. Named after the 1920s NHL hockey player (which, of course, is always correlated to miniature golf) this traditional miniature golf course offers all the typical bells and whistles like the windmill, wishing well and colonial house where you need to hit the ball underneath in the middle. It's not much of a challenge, but the aura of yesteryear and families having fun just like they did here more than 50 years ago make Hago Harrington's a sentimental favorite. It's the ultimate just-what-you-expect-from-a-miniature-golf-course."

"Hago Harrington's has been a great place to visit for many many years. They always take good care of the place and the people are friendly. It's nothing spectacular, but a good mini golf experience at a reasonable price and isn't so buy you can't get in like some of the bigger places. As a plus, can get dinner at China Moon and not have to move the car :)"

"The sports-themed holes were the only changes Strazzere made to the course when she bought it three years ago. Since creating the Red Sox hole, the course hosts annual tournament to raise money for the Jimmy Fund."

"Looking for a different kind of birthday party? Minigolf can be loads of fun for kids of just about any age no skills required. And a minigolf party is often one of the most affordable options around. The party can be a simple gathering a round or two of golf and cake and ice cream that you "carry in" or a more elaborate affair that include golf, arcades, even bumper boats or batting cages, depending on the location. Nearly all the locations we've highlighted offer birthday parties; see their websites for package details. And while it's quite often possible to put together a mini-golf outing as a last minute party, advance reservations for "official" party packages are usually required.

Hago’s features a newly renovated (2012) course that is bright, clean and fun a classic minigolf experience. The course includes great local references, including the Bruins and Fenway Park holes. You can enjoy Richardson's ice cream at the snack bar after playing."

"The couple acquired Hago's in November 2011 and they started making improvements to the golf course about a month ago, according to Lynn.   "We've been going there for years ever since I was a little kid," she said. "Everyone went to Hago Harrington's. I always said to the owner that 'If you're looking to sell, would you give me the first opportunity?' After four or five years, the man held his word and came to me and said, 'Are you looking to buy?' and we said 'Yes!' and we bought it."

One of the main reasons why the Strazzeres purchased the property was because of the history and connection it has with people from the area.

"The best part about owning this business, and we haven't even gotten started yet, is all the people that come up to us to tell us the stories like 'Oh, I had my first date there!'" recalled Lynn. "I just love hearing all the stories about Hago Harrington's."